Our Favorite Houseplants

Part 1: The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

04 Aug 2020

This is the start of our mini three-post series on three of our favorite houseplants! Look forward to a weekly post for the next three weeks.

The shape of their leaves can add a little something to any home. The long, thinly-shaped arching leaves really help this plant stand out among the rest! This is especially true when placed in baskets or on top of columns, as the leaves will hang down.

Mature spider plants also grow long, wiry stems with plantlets on the ends. These plantlets can be removed and placed in their own pot of moist soil where they will quickly take root and give you a second plant. This curious method of producing new plants helped land it a place in our favourite houseplants.

Spider plants enjoy bright but indirect light, as strong, direct sunlight runs the risk of scorching the plant’s leaves. It grows best when you let the soil become dry to the touch between watering. Once this is the case, you then water thoroughly, allowing any excess water to drain out of the pot. Our sensor can be used to detect this and send you notifications when it is time to water the plant via our app.

Fertilize monthly in spring and summer. Keep in mind that if brown leaf-tips start forming, it can be a sign of over-fertilization.