Our Favorite Houseplants

Part 3: The Cactus Plant

18 Aug 2020

In our final post from our mini three-week series on our favorite houseplants, we have: the cactus!

The cactus earned its spot on our favorite houseplants list because of its various shapes and sizes. We warn you though: these exotic plants may require putting up with the odd finger prick when handling them.

They come in two varieties: tropical and desert, with each preferring a slightly different environment. Tropical cacti tend to grow in wooded areas, ranging from temperate forests to the more tropical registers, whereas the latter are the more traditional, desert type.  

They like about 4 hours of sunlight per day, with the desert cactus preferring direct sunlight, and the tropical type preferring strong but indirect sunlight. Cacti tend to favor warm temperatures and low humidities. Tropical cacti tend to prefer a little more humidity and a slightly cooler period in the winter compared to their desert counterparts.
Watering cacti is a little more involved. In general, you should only water both tropical and desert cacti when the soil is dry to the touch. This is something our new soil sensor will alert you to, and this will help stop overwatering.

For desert cacti, it is good to note that in winter, watering should occur around once a month, but need more frequent watering in the summer. Our app can help alert you if you are giving it too much too regularly, helping keep your cacti in good health.

The exception for watering tropical cacti is when these flower. During this period, you must ensure that the soil is kept moist rather than dry at all times.

Overall, cacti are low-maintenance and make great houseplants, especially for first time plant parents. Pair it with our new app and sensor to help your future cacti thrive, and not just survive.